Monday, 19 November 2012

CUSTOM DOLLY - Betty Lou for Nikki

There isn't a better feeling out there than making a a keepsake or gift that you know is going to be loved. When Nikki asked me for a 'Nancy Doll' but with purple ribbon and tutu I got excited - I get to make another Nancy. You see, I love making things but I do not have the space or need for a lot of the things I make, so making for others makes me happy.

Victorian Flock Taffeta Damask
Shimmer Organza

Betty Lou sitting up with her tutu on

Betty Lou (and Nancy) is a more expensive handmade doll due to the embroidery. The heavy embroidery on her face meant that I needed to double up my fabric so it didn't pull. There is also an embroidered spider web and black widow (complete with seed beads) on her black Victorian flock dress, and the tutu consisted of doubled up purple satin and organza carefully sewn so it wouldn't fray. Stuffed with hypo-allergenic poly-stuffing.

Betty Lou next to her tutu

[caption id="attachment_116" align="aligncenter" width="645"] Personalisation can make a special handmade dolly into something precious[/caption]

I had seen gothic handmade dolls go for around $120, and although it does take time to embroider I want to maintain affordability. Betty Lou came in at £28.00 personalised.

Betty Lou was a pleasure to make and I'm sure she'll be well loved in her new home.

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