Monday, 17 December 2012

Custom Dolly - Sweet Angie

EIGHT more sleeps! It's funny how once you have a child you start to count the sleeps until an event. This event, of course, is Christmas! It never used to be a favourite time of the year. In fact, only five or so years ago I would have quite happily held my hands up and said I was the female version of Scrooge. Since meeting my husband Christmas is special again. My lack of posts has not been due to a lack of making, quite the opposite - I haven't stopped! However, these are Christmas presents and therefore have to remain secret until the big day - I wouldn't want to give away the surprises I have made.

Sweet Angie, the Christmas tree angel
On the top of the tippy, tippy top of the tree
~ Andrews Sisters

Sweet Angie the Christmas Tree Angel - snug in her cape Sweet Angie the Christmas Tree Angel - snug in her cape

I can show you Sweet Angie though. After completing all the Christmas surprises I decided to make me something - something I rarely do. Our Christmas tree was erected on December 5 - earlier than normal. Since my gothic doll, Nancy, I've been obsessed with making dolls and softies using Sarah's 'Dolls and Daydreams' patterns. Sarah had been 'sharing' photos of dollies made by other crafters on her facebook page. The little red riding hood doll was appearing to be a very good pattern to adapt into a Christmas doll.

Whilst I was finishing up a couple of dolls/softies my husband had sent me a file of Christmas music - well a file of files which were labeled with different genres etc. There was one called '40s' and in there was the Andrews Sisters - Christmas Tree Angel. I fell madly in love. The song and the photos on Sarah's page inspired me to make my own Sweet Angie.

She's about 2/3 of the original size with a reversible cape.

[caption id="attachment_132" align="aligncenter" width="589"]Sweet Angie in her Faux Fur Clock Sweet Angie in her Faux Fur Clock[/caption]

Ivory Matt Satin
Ivory Shimmer Organza with Butterfly Motif

Faux Fur - Short Hair Curly Red
Beige Polycotton
Brown Felt

I used a plain beige polycotton (doubled) for the head, arms, and legs, and felt for the hair. For her body/dress I used a matt satin layered with the organza, and finished off with the reversible cape using both the matt satin and the curly faux fur. Finally she was stuffed using hypo-allergenic poly-stuffing.

[caption id="attachment_133" align="aligncenter" width="575"]'...on the top of the tippy tippy top of the tree' '...on the top of the tippy tippy top of the tree'[/caption]

Sarah's patterns are all lovely and there is a lot of flexability and room for customisation. With Sweet Angie I embroidered her face and name. The font heavily inspired by the Crazy Girlz font. Angie will now be part of our family Christmas tradition - pulled out once a year to sit on the top of the Christmas tree and to protect the gifts below.

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