Sunday, 4 November 2012


My son is a huge Wiggles fan. If it wasn’t for the fact I have witnessed his uncontrollable excitement when Captain Feathersword starts to wave his feathersword about and Dorothy the Dinosaur does her dancing I would have never believed that any baby could respond so enthusiastically.

In June 2012 we took Vincent to see the original line up of The Wiggles at the Hammersmith Apollo – this being their final tour together before three of the Wiggles, Murray, Greg, and Jeff. My husband, Stephen, came only because no one else would and he knows I’m not likely to venture into London on my own. He came out of the Apollo converted and is now Captain Feathersword’s
number one fan. We left the theatre with a Hot Potato rucksack, Captain Feathersword hat, a six pound balloon (yes SIX POUNDS) and very happy. I give credit to the balloon people though. It’s been nearly two months since we went and the balloon is still floating in the living room, albeit a bit saggy, but still floating…

Upon leaving the theatre we saw a small group of children and parents and in the middle was Murray Wiggle. Well, I was there next to him in no time (Stephen likes to say I went charging through the croud, children and their parents flying through the air – I should add he is a writer and therefore is able to make a very boring something into a magical piece of prose). I got him to pose
with Vincent – Vincent sure he recognises him but can’t quite place him. The whole experience got me thinking creatively. I knew I wanted to frame the photo. I mean, this is Murray Wiggle – a Beatle of childrens entertainment. I thought about putting it in Vincent’s room so wanted to make a bright frame.

I love The Range for photo frames. I grabbed a nice sized black (flat) frame and cut out a piece of fun foam in blue to cover the front of the frame and a yellow semi-circle which would be the background for my fun-foam Wiggles.

[caption id="attachment_18" align="aligncenter" width="672"] Made using fun foam and a fine marker pen[/caption]

Piecing the different parts together I cut out and glued their skivvie’s on first, followed by their heads and finally the hands. To top it off, and the most fiddly I did The Wiggles logo in fun foam too. I used a black promarker with a fine nib to outline and complete the face details. Let’s just say, I was so happy with the outcome it is now sitting on my bureau.

[caption id="attachment_20" align="aligncenter" width="697"] The finished frame including the photograph of Murray Wiggle and my son, Vincent[/caption]

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