Saturday, 23 February 2013

Charity Auction - Why and What?

Most of us are a compassionate lot but we are not necessarily able to donate hundreds of pounds or volunteer time for charity. The double dip recession has hit most of us, and with a 19 month old son, I couldn't give as much as I'd like. But I can give something and I am a firm believer that if everybody gave something then the charities wouldn't suffer to harshly in these horrible economical times.


If I had been born with a silver spoon in my mouth I wouldn't be a socialite spending Daddy's money on parties and the likes, I'd be helping charities. In my time as an Independence adult I have helped a few charities including Abaana and The Monkey Sanctuary. In 2006 I went to Looe and visited The Monkey Sanctuary where I had adopted a capuchin monkey called Mickey. It was the most wonderful place. The staff were so polite, fun, and informative, and the monkeys were entertaining and fascinating to watch. And on this particular day it rained and that could not have spoiled the day.

Mickey the Capuchin - © Copyright Wild Futures

The Monkey Sanctuary / Wild Futures left an incredible impression on me. Dreams of working with primates still sit inside. Maybe one day. Since that day I adopted Pepper, a baby capuchin. Unfortunately, baby Pepper passed away at the end of last year during the cold snap (2012), I was besides myself. I wanted to do something in his memory. Then the storms came and destruction hit the Sanctuary leaving it with a lot of damage. Thankfully no harm came to the monkeys. Now it became imperative to help raise funds.

Pepper the Baby Capuchin -  © Copyright Wild Futures

I decided to use my skills. I love sewing and crafts, so my initial plan was to make two monkey plushes and auction them to raise some money. But that is not enough and so I have decided ever Monkey plush I sell I will donate 15% to The Monkey Sanctuary / Wild Futures. 

Amy the Capuchin - © Copyright Wild Futures

After Pepper passed away I adopted his sister, Amy. I hope to go and visit this year, to see the lovely staff and the wonderful primates...


Available will be one 16" monkey plush in memory of Pepper. Brown mottled cotton fabric and the body is a blue fabric with a monkey on a cloud motif. Apt for little Pepper.

Charity Auction Preview of Pepper (16")

The second plush will be 18" called Marlene (after Marlene Dietrich). A brown linen effect cotton with a pink cotton fabric that has diva monkey motifs.

Marlene Dietrich

 As I mention above, any order for a monkey plush (18"), 15% will go to The Monkey Sanctuary / Wild Futures.

*keep checking my facebook page and twitter for more information as to where and when the auction will be.

UPDATE (Feb 25, 2013):

Marlene and Pepper ready for the Charity Auction

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