Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Charity News - Wild Futures & Cancer Research *UPDATED


It's been so busy here at Mockingbird's End, that I've barely had time enough to sleep - the fact I look terrible, as my neighbour kindly pointed out today, says that I should probably back off a bit, but I love what I do and I'm just an obsessive kind of person.

Marlene and Pepper holding hands ready for the Charity Auction

So there are some Charity Events coming up that I want to share with you. So the immediate one is the run up to Easter Charity Monkey Auction. I'll be auctioning two monkey plushes for Wild Futures / The Monkey Sanctuary.

This is their mission statement:

At Wild Futures we are all too aware that flora and fauna around the world are becoming more endangered at every moment. For some species, it is too late – they are gone forever. The future of all that remains lies in our hands and the time to act is now.
Every species of plant and animal plays a vital role within our intricate and dynamic ecosystem; the eradication of any one species inevitably impacts on the survival of others. The protection of non-human primates is at the forefront of our work, following almost fifty years of working to protect primates from the abuses they face both in captivity and in the wild. By focusing on primates and their protection, we aim to ensure a wild and safe future for all.

Wild Futures is dedicated to:

  • Promoting the welfare and conservation of primates
  • Conserving and restoring natural habitats in the UK and abroad through funding support, education and sustainable practices
  • Working to end the trade in primates for any purpose and abuse of primates in captivity
  • Offering a home for life to primates in need of rescue and rehabilitation 
I have been to The Monkey Sanctuary and it is very clear that every single member of their staff believe in what they are doing. I have long loved monkeys and primates. In the Winter of last year there was a terrible storm that caused damage to The Monkey Sanctuary, and on top of that, baby Pepper passed away. This auction is to help towards their Emergency Winter Appeal

The Charity Auction will commence on Ebay on 14 March and will run for 10 days. You will have a chance to bid for two separate monkey plushes. 

16" Pepper
Behind Pepper

PEPPER - The day the storm hit The Monkey Sanctuary, little Pepper fell sick. I was the first adoptee of Pepper and I have to say I was heartbroken. This first plush is dedicated to the Memory of Pepper, complete with monkeys on clouds motifs. He is 16" tall and made from a mottled brown fabric. He is just gorgeous. 

Cute Marlene 18"
Marlene with her bow and flower

MARLENE - I am a lover of old movies and often refer to them when naming the dolls and plushes. This is no exception. Marlene is named after Marlene Dietrich, known Diva. This plush is 18" tall, her body depicts diva monkeys, and she is made from a brown linen look cotton fabric. She comes complete with a flower and bow on the top of her head. 

So write 14 March in your diary and don't forget to bid for Charity. 

Race for Life - Cancer Research UK - May/June 2013

I will be making two dolls to raise money in aid of Race for Life - Cancer Research UK. The dolls will both be 18", baby pink hair, and their body will be made out of fabric displaying the pink ribbon. One will be called Connie and the other Irene. This is in memory of my grandmother and mother in law who both passed away from Cancer. You will be able to bid for one of these dolls in May / June this year. The Wool Felt Company have already donated some of their wonderful baby pink wool blend felt and I'm currently working on getting hold of some beautiful pink ribbon fabric. 
Keep checking in for more details, or you can like my Facebook and twitter pages.  

UPDATE* We have had another donation for the Cancer Research Dolls. Suzie May Ltd have donated the fabric for the skin of the dolls, ribbon for the hair and shoes, and satin and organza for the skirts.  There will be more about our donators in the build up to the auction.

UPDATE (March 7)* We have had another donation for the Cancer Research Dolls. Groves-Banks have donated two bags of toy stuffing. This is really wonderful news. So much generosity. These dolls are going to be gorgeous. One will have pink plaited pigtails and the other will two little pigtails like the Little Red Riding Hood doll I make.

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