Monday, 20 May 2013

CHARITY - Sponsored Sew - Fighting Cancer

After what I would have said was a successful Charity Auction of the Monkey Plushes for The Monkey Sanctuary / Wild Futures, I was excited at the prospect of my next Charity venture. Every year I wanted to take part in Race for Life but something always got in the way - unavailable for those dates, pregnant, baby too young - so I came up with another challenge to raise money for a Cancer Charity. Since the Monkeys did well - £59.00 - I thought I'd use my sewing talents to raise money to fight cancer.


My mother-in-law, Irene. This was my late father-in-laws favourite picture of her.

In 2000, before I met my husband, Stephen, my mother-in-law also passed away from Cancer, one of the long drawn out fights that still resulted in her being taken away from her son and husband. Again, she has always been described as a wonderful woman who was perhaps a little too giving and forgiving. She never got to see her son marry in to a very happy partnership or see his son, her grandson. Because I live away from my family I feel as though I've missed out on having a close family here in Norfolk.


Several months had passed since thinking about my Cancer Research Charity Auction and then I heard that the first dates for Race for Life had just passed and I knew it was time. The reason the Monkeys brought in £59.00 was because Wild Futures aided the promotion of the auction. However, I realised that many people raise money for Cancer Research UK and it would probably be impossible for them to aid promotion for everybody so I decided to split the fundraising into two parts: A Sponsored Sew and the Charity Auction of the two dolls made from the Sponsored Sew.

On the 8th & 9th of June I will be making two dolls made from a Dolls and Daydream Pattern. These will be made from donated materials from companies listed below.

The Wool Felt Company - Baby pink wool blend felt
An online shop specialising in craft fabrics.
Suzie May Ltd - Fabric for the skin, ribbon for the hair and shoes, and satin and organza for the skirts
One of  UK's favourite Haberdashery supplier
Groves-Banks - Two bags of toy stuffing
UK’s leading independent distributor of haberdashery, sewing accessories and needlecrafts to the retail trade. 

Binky Roo Designs (me) - Pink Ribbon / Cancer Fabric for the body of the doll.
Specialises in beautiful handcrafted dolls, bags, accessories and much more


After the Sponsored Sew I will have two beautiful dolls, approx 18", one called Irene. They will share the similar theme of pink and represent strength, courage, and the fight against cancer. The two dolls will be up for auction on Ebay starting June 10, 2013 if all goes to plan. Again, they will be sold with 100% going to Cancer Research UK.


I am using Just Giving for my Sponsored Sew. The minimum donation accepted is £2.00 GBP. That is all I'm asking for. Those who can afford more have been giving more but my ask is £2.00. So please, donate just £2.00 for this worthy cause.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Thank You! 

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  1. Wonderful Rachael, and I look forward to seeing the dolls! suzie xxx