Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Handmade Sunglasses Cases - Is Summer finally here? + CHARITY UPDATE

I wish! We had a very hot weekend that had gale force winds. It killed the summery feeling and left one windswept, looking as though you've walked through all the hedges on your street rather than the pavement. That would be somewhat difficult as some people have walls or fences, but my point remains.

Handmade Sunglasses Cases by Binky Roo

Sorry I haven't been about much. I've been doing so many new things amist my son having a fever that time has continued whilst I was treading water.


As many of you know I held a charity auction last month leading up to Easter. Up for auction were two lovely monkey plushes raising money for The Monkey Sanctuary / Wild Futures. I can now confirm to you that £59.00 (GBP) was raised. This has already been sent to and received by The Monkey Sanctuary. This was a fun auction and I want to thank everybody who bid but also everyone who spread the word! This will be an annual auction so watch this space. Of course don't forget the charity auction for Cancer Research in the Summer.


I hate wearing sunglasses. My eyes are my only asset I like but since getting a car I know NEED them. A lot of you will know that I make a lot of Gothic accessories and dolls etc, though not soley. For April I have made two different kinds of cases that suit men and women and both with closures.

These are gorgeous, padded and quilted, with gorgeous quality fabrics for the outside and the inside.

First for the women, in the example I have made a lovely case using Alexander Henry's Ghastlies fabric. It has ruffles around the top, a press stud catch and diagonal (diamond) quilting. This has turned out more fabulous than I could have ever imagined, and using a pattern from S4H.

The Front of the Case with Ruffles
The back of the case with ruffles

The second one is for the men, or women who like a little less fuss. These come with a plain top and can have various fastenings. The example pictured has a skull button and an elastic hoop. This is Timeless Treasures Glow in the Dark Skeleton fabric (and it really does glow in the dark). It's simple but effective. This one has simple quilting hardly noticeable. The lining is Michael Miller's distressed dot fabric which again shows quality.

The Skull button detail with the elastic fastening

DON'T WANT GOTHIC? Well that's fine too. I have a wide array of fabric and if you can't find the one you want why not browse and send me a link to the fabric you like.

So why not dash over to my Etsy Store and treat yourself or someone you care about to their very own handmade glasses case to suit their personality! Be unique. Be inspired.

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